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  1. MisterEazyClean
    January 31, 2021

    Hi World,

    Welcome to the Wet Wipes and Face Mask revolution! Out of the Ashes came the Phoenix!

    It is time to change your habits…. We have all been hit by Covid 19 and in many cases this has been disasturous. People are continually also getting more concerned about the Environmental issues involved in manufacturing products such as wet wipes.

    The Wipes Revolution is that they now come in fully Recycled, Infinitely Recyclable and Refillable Aluminium Cans. All Wet Wipes are 100% Bio-Degradable, Anti Bacterial without the need for Biocides or Ehtanol or Isproponal alcohols and in the case of out new INTIM and Sanitary Ranges, use Aloe vera and other extracts to keep skin supple and moist and can be safely flushed away in Toilets. Mistereazyclean offers a full service solution for those organisations who require their own brand.

    The Face Mask Revolution involves FDA Approved Face Masks with a Copper Litigation making them naturally Anti Bacterial and extremely effective against Aerosoles i.e COVID 19. They are stylish and can be manufactured with your company Logo on them.

    Should you be intersted in the mistereazyclean or your Own Brand, please do not hesitate to contact us at

  2. Webroot Login
    March 5, 2021

    I like it whenever people come together and share thoughts. Great site, stick with it! Wren Lester Lavina

      March 5, 2021

      Thank you…

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